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Suzhou city is suited in the middle of the Yangtze Delta which frame as the home of rice and river fish, with abundant land resources and long history, many businessmen and settle down with their family there, and it was quite popular to build a private garden in their house for showing the host’s taste in the old days.

Suzhou has best gardens in the world, the tours we provide will illustrate compact Chinese garden showing all the elements (rock, water and plants), see the bonsai and flower blossoms. Acknowledge old Suzhou by raw straw ride and water towns around Suzhou, with help by your guide to see the hidden stories of city.

We are specializing in tailor-made tour that fit your interest and taste, and create a unique experience in China.

Top Things to Do in Suzhou

Li River Map

Humble Administrator Garden

Humble Administratior Garden

Tongli Water Town

Tongli Water Town

Grand Canal

Grand Canal

Zhouzhuang Water Town

Zhouzhuang Water Town

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Customers Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Best Time to Visit Suzhou?

Suzhou has four distinctive seasons and every season are consider suitable for visit. Best times for traveling around Suzhou is in spring and autumn. See what to see in four seasons:

Spring: early spring is still a little cold. We recommended that you can pay a visit to Suzhou after March, you can trees and flower blossom in the gardens.

Summer: hot and humid, quite pleasant to do pedicab ride and water town tour.

Autumn: cool and pleasant, the peak tourist season has gone, the fresh fruits and a bounty of seafood will surely tantalize your taste buds.

Winter: snowy view covering the gardens, got another feeling of Chinese painting like gardens, enjoy the tranquil water town and its oriental lifestyle.

2. Suzhou Day Trips from Shanghai
3. How to Plan a Trip to Suzhou?


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