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Impression Sanjie Liu Night Show Tickets

Impression Sanjie Liu is an outdoor night show on the Li River, in Yangshuo and, Guilin. Against a backdrop of waters and mountains, the show integrates local folk songs, traditional ethnic performances and fishing lights on the Li River, telling a legendary story of Sanjie Liu, a brave girl who was renowned for her singing to resist the local cruel oppressors.

Seat Types and Prices

Impression Sanjie Liu Seat
  • Show Time
    First run: 19:40
    Second run: 21:15
    (the show closed for a month during Chinese New Year)
  • Duration: 70 minutes
  • Address: 1 Tianyuan Road, East Street, Yangshuo County, Guilin

Remarks: There are totally over 3,000 seats in the theater. For make sure you have enough time for ticket collection and find out your seat, we suggest getting there 50 minutes beforehand.

Latest news: the Impression Show will close for maintenance during 2nd.Jan, 2020 to 26th Jan, 2020, ticket booking not available at this period.

VIP2 Seat B2

VIP2 Seat B2

  • Row: 15-31
  • Total Seats: 2400
  • Guarantee booking of the first run

Adult $39 ( ≥ 140cm )

Child $20 ( 120-139cm )

VIP1 Seat B1

VIP1 Seat B1

  • Row: 32-34
  • Total Seats: 80
  • Bamboo chairs with back support

Adult $52 ( ≥ 140cm )

Child $20 ( 120-139cm )

President Seat A2

President Seat A2

  • Row: Indoor seating on the top left
  • Total Seats: 10
  • A cabin with bamboo chair and a table

Adult $70 ( ≥ 140cm )

Child $20 ( 120-139cm )

President Seat A1

President Seat A1

  • Row: Indoor seating on the top middle
  • Total Seats: 17
  • A cabin with bamboo chair and a table

Adult $99 ( ≥ 140cm )

Child $20 ( 120-139cm )

Price Inclusions

  • Impression Show Ticket
  • Service fees of booking
  • Child between 120cms(3.9ft)-139cms (4.6ft) enjoy child price with a separate wooden chair
  • Child under 120cms(3.9ft) is free without seat 

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation received 7 days before departure: 100 % refund of all monies paid
  • Cancellation received from 3 to 6 days before departure: 50% of ticket price
  • Cancellation received less than 48 hours before departure: 100% of the ticket price
  • No-show travelers will be charged 100% of the ticket price

Differences of Various Seat Types

Seat Type Rack Rate (CNY) Chair Remarks
Regular C 228 Plastic seats with no backrest Might be arranged to one side outside of the stage.
VIP B2 268 Plastic seats with backrest Best area to enjoy the show in its fullest.
VIP B1 358 Bamboo chairs with back support 80 chairs available, more comfortable seating
Presidential A2 480 Indoor seating unaffected by weather conditions 17 seats available
Presidential A1 680 Indoor seating unaffected by weather conditions About 40 seats available

Bottom seats provide clear views of the performance while higher seats offer spectacular panoramic views. Generally speaking, it is recommended to take the cost-effective VIP B2 seats.

Steps for Making a Reservation

What to See on the Show

The whole performance consists of five colors to display the unique culture and living styles of local minority people.

World’s Largest Real-scene Show

World’s Largest Real-scene Show

Red Impression

Red Impression


Green Impression

blue impression

Blue Impression


Golden Impression


Silver Impression

How to Collect Your Tickets

Book tickets with us and collect tickets near the ticket office at theater

confirmation letter

1Receive a confirmation letter


2Collect ticket outside ticket office from our staff


3Read your seat number on ticket

Why Book with Us?

Guilin Local Experts

As a company based in Guilin, we know how to deal perfectly with any problem you might have before/on/after the show.

One-Stop Service

We can handle all your concerns. Not just reservations and transfers, your guide/driver will even pick up the show tickets for you.


100% direct booking guaranteed, with no forced shopping, dodgy detours, sneaky extras, or any other nasty surprises.

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get to the show?

Walk downstream (southeastwards) from West Street for 30 minutes (5 minutes by battery cart) to the entrance of the theater on East Street.

Book a private transfer with us include hotel pick up, transfer back to your hotel after the show, and ticket collection for convenient and carefree.

2. Is it possible to catch the cormorant fishing and Impression Liu Sanjie Show on the same night?
3. Are there any dress codes to watch Impression Liu Sanjie Show?
4. Will the show be canceled if it rains?


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