Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China, as well as the second highest building in the world, is 632 meters (2,073 feet) high with 127 stories. Located in the core of Lijiazui Financial Trading District, it is an extra-high building which contains business offices, hotels, business facilities, entertainment, sightseeing and other functions.

The Bund

What to Do in Shanghai Tower

Going Sightseeing at the Top of Shanghai Observatory

The sightseeing route includes the Top of Shanghai Exhibition Hall, Top of Shanghai Observatory and Top 632 Exhibition Area. The three areas are on floor B1, floor 118, and floors 125 and 126 respectively. (Top 632 exhibition area is coming soon.)

The Top of Shanghai Exhibition Hall shows the design and structure of the Shanghai Tower with high-tech multimedia effects so that you can immerse yourself in the wonder of the building.

You can take the world’s fastest elevator to the 118th floor where the observatory is. This 546 meter high deck offers a bird’s-eye view of Shanghai’s urban landscape. You can see the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC), Jin Mao Tower, the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower and other famous buildings of Shanghai.

Enjoying Art and Culture in the Sky Lobby

There are high-rise sky lobbies on transfer floors 22, 37, 52, and 68 in building section 2-6. Each lobby is divided into 3 sky gardens, offering public areas for leisure. At present, Shanghai Guanfu Museum (上海观复博物馆) and the tallest indoor Chinese-style garden on the 37th floor are open to the public.

Shanghai Guanfu Museum consists of the Ceramic Gallery, the East and West Gallery, the Gold Ware Gallery, the Buddhist Statue Gallery and a temporary exhibition gallery. The rich collections will tell you stories which happened in the ancient China.

Shopping in the Shanghai Tower Mall and Top of Shanghai Store

The shopping mall of Shanghai Tower is on floors B2 to 4 in the podium building. It provides a one-stop shopping experience and customer-first service. This high-end shopping mall contains brand retail, motor display, restaurants, cafes, banks and other types of businesses.

Major business tenants are Porches, Starbucks, Pacific Coffee, Food Republic, Le Xin Huang Chao, Mei Zhou Dong Po, Fatburger, Pizza Hut, etc.

The Top of Shanghai Store on floors B2 and 118 offers a great environment, a wide range of souvenirs and original items made by Shanghai Tower. Shopping guides here are experienced, so you can always find souvenirs you want with their help.

Nearby Attractions

Shanghai World Financial Center: Located in the center of Lujiazui in Pudong New Area, Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC 上海环球金融中心) is a comprehensive building consisting of sightseeing and shopping opportunities, hotels and high-level offices. With a height of 492 meters, it has 100 floors including sightseeing floors from floor 94 to 100. Travelers can have a grand view of the modern Shanghai.

Tickets: 120 RMB to the 94th floor; 180 RMB to the 94th, the 97th and the 100th floor.
Opening Hours: 9am - 10:30pm

Jin Mao Tower: Jin Mao Tower stands in the most prosperous part of the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone of the Pudong new district area. Occupying an area of 2.3 hectares, it is 420.5 meters tall, with 88 floors above ground, and 3 floors underground. It also faces the famous Bund of Shanghai across Huangpu River.

Tickets: 120 RMB for adults, 60 RMB for children, 90 RMB for students, 100 RMB for the elderly above 70 years
Opening Hours: 8:30am - 9:30pm

Oriental Pearl TV Tower: The quarter-mile-high commercial interior of the tower houses a variety of facilities, from a hotel near the top, to a restaurant, a recreational palace - with a futuristic space center - shops and cafes, and it even has a historical museum.

Tickets: 220 yuan for A-ticket; 160 yuan for B-ticket; 35 yuan for D-ticket; 190 yuan for E-ticket.
Opening Hours: 8am - 9:30pm

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is next to the Oriental Pearl TV and Radio Tower and Jin Mao Tower. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium covering 20,500 square meters consists of 2 pyramid shaped buildings. It displays more than 300 species and more than 12,000 rare fish and endangered species from all over the world.

Tickets: 160 RMB for adults; 110 RMB for children between 1.0 meter to 1.4 meter in height and accompanied by an adult; 70 RMB for servicemen and the disabled; 90 RMB for the elderly above 70 years
Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm Ticket sales and admission close at 5:30pm)

Opening hours are extended to 9pm during the following peak seasons: Chinese New Year Holiday; National Day Holiday; Summer Holiday (July and August). (Ticket sales and admission close at 8:30pm)

Riverside Promenade: Riverside Promenade is located on a road along Huangpu River in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, right beside the Oriental Pearl TV and Radio Tower. Opposite is the Bund of Shanghai.

Tickets: free of charge
Opening Hours: 8am - 11pm

Solo Adventure Tips

Location: 501, Middle Yincheng Road, Financial Trading District, Pudong.

How to Get There

From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport: Metro Line 2 [Hongqiao Terminal 2] to [Lujijiazui] Exit 6.

From Shanghai Pudong Airport: Metro Line 2 to [Lujijiazui] Exit 6

From Shanghai Railway Station: Subway Line 4 to [Shiji Ave] and then Transfer to Metro Line 2, [Lujiazui] exit 6.

From Shanghai South Railway Station: Subway Line 1 to [People's Square] and then Transfer to Metro Line 2, [Lujiazui] exit 6

Ticket Price:

For the Top of Shanghai Observatory: You can get a ticket at the ticket office of the building, but you may wait in line for a long time. You also can contact us for a customized tour to visit the wonderful skyscraper. Prices are as follows:
180 RMB for adults; 120 RMB for students and the elderly; 90 RMB for children (1-1.4 meters high); Children who are less than 1 meter in height enjoy free access.

Opening Hours:

The Top of Shanghai Observatory: 9am - 9pm

More Tips:

On the top of the building, views of sunrise, sunset and nightlights are spectacular. However, rainy or foggy days cause a poor vision.

For an authentic travel experience, contact one of our travel advisors. Our local experts are always ready to create a hassle-free tour for you.

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