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Designing Websites to Help Your Business Thrive

Your customers expect a great digital experience. We’re here to ensure you deliver. For the past decade, Today’s Business has been designing websites in New Jersey for more than 20 different industries. That experience enables us to design websites that maximize results while communicating your business’s mission front and center. No business is the same, so your website shouldn’t be either. We’ll work closely with you from day one to properly represent your company in the digital space, no matter how big or small your aspirations.

Our Website Design and Development Services

As part of a multi-channel digital marketing agency, our web development team is nuanced in all of the requirements a website may need for improving lead generation and customer retention. Each web development project follows a transparent process to establish your needs, keep your website on track, and delivery timeline clear. Our website projects focus on the following process and services:

Onboarding and Conceptualization

Each website design begins with your vision. We’re here to bring it to life. TB meets multiple times with each website client to gain a full understanding of what your business needs from its website and how it needs to be presented. From there, we create initial mockups of the homepage and other elements to ensure we’re on the right track. Meetings will occur over the course of a two-week period between you and the TB team.

Designing the User Experience

After a decade of making websites, we use our experience and knowledge of web development best practices to create an optimal user flow, meaning easy navigation, speedy performance, and a logical representation of your business. Working carefully with our content team, each website will have every necessary page mapped out and planned before development.

Design and Development

The content, creative, and web development teams collaborate and develop each necessary element for the website. Standard development phases commonly take around eight weeks.

Quality Assurance

After the development of the website is complete, you will sit down with TB to go over the framework of the website. During this time, core revisions are made to the site along with optimizations for responsiveness and UX refinements.

Website Review and Launch

Prior to every new website launching, we perform an extensive fundamentals check to ensure the removal of duplicate content, unnecessary pages, broken links, and other elements to make sure your website is ready for its debut. If you already have a website, it is at this point that the transfer of any Google Analytics, goal tracking, and URL redirects will be prepped and integrated.

Website Maintenance

Congrats! Your business is ready for the big digital dance. But just like your car, body, or house, a website is ever-changing. Today’s Business helps countless website clients beyond the launch of their website by making sure it stays in peak form. Our website maintenance services can involve implementing new content, small redesigns, or inevitable technical fixes that may cause you to lose customers.

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Creating a Standard for Our Client’s Websites

The websites we develop are our pride and joy. We always strive to set a standard of excellence for each development project we complete. What do you need from your website? What are your biggest issues currently? Discuss your initial website project goals with us to start your digital transformation. Contact us today to learn more about our website services!

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