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Huangshan Travel Guide

Located in the southeastern corner of Anhui Province, near the province’s borders with Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces, Huangshan City is named after its natural landmark- Yellow Mountain. The city stands in the shadow of the mountain, both literally and figuratively: it is the mountain that made the city what it is. Listed as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, Yellow Mountain is famous for its natural beauty. But the city is more than just a mountain.

Experiences not to be missed in Huangshan:

  • Climb up to the top of Yellow Mountain and admire its wacky-shaped pine trees, glorious sunrise and sunset, and beautiful sea of clouds;
  • Soak in hot springs at the foot of the mountain and wash hiking fatigue away;
  • Walk around nearby ancient villages like Hongcun, Xidi and Chengkan;
  • Taste authentic Anhui Cuisine and buy local green tea home.

Huangshan Travel Ideas

Huangshan Weather

Huangshan is in the north of the central subtropical zone, enjoying a humid subtropical monsoon climate, with relatively short spring (mid-March to mid-May) and autumn (mid-September to mid-November) and comparatively long summer (mid-May to mid-September) and winter (mid-November to mid-March). O

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Huangshan Transport

Departure Arrival Distance Driving Time Huangshan downtown Huangshan International Airport 9km 17mins Huangshan Railway station 4km 10mins

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Huangshan Attractions

The city of Huangshan is called Huizhou in the old days, and now it name after the famous Yellow Mountain. As an important birthplace of Hui Culture, Huangshan combines nature beauty and vibrant culture to explorer; the travel resources include ancient villages, old streets , hot springs and the on

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Huangshan Food

Food in Huangshan City belongs to Huizhou cuisine. Huizhou cuisine is one of eight main cuisines in the whole country. It dates from the South Song dynasty in Shexian County ( the Huizhou Prefecture in ancient times). It’s characterized by cooking all kinds of dainties. Huizhou cuisine does well in

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