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Top Chinese New Year Destinations

Celebration Dates of Chinese New Year in 2020: Feb. 24th, 2020 (Chinese New Year's Eve) to Feb. 8th, 2020 (Lantern Festival). This year, Chinese New Year will be celebrated on Friday Jan. 25th, being the start of the Year of the Rat, which ends on Feburary 11th , 2020 according to the Chinese lunar calendar. In this report, Chinatravel.com recommends 2 of the most popular New Year destinations in China: Hong Kong and Beijing.

Hong Kong Travel

The average temperature during the Chinese New Year season averages 16°C (61°F) in Hong Kong. This holiday is one of the most important events in Hong Kong annually and the celebrations are distinctively different from those that take place in mainland China. The most popular events are the magnificent fireworks display at Victoria Harbor, the Chinese New Year Parade, scenes of citizens strolling in night-long flower markets, New Year horse racing and betting, shopping, and New Year prayers. » Read More

Popular Chinese New Year Celebrations in Hong Kong

Chinese New Year Night Parade

Chinese New Year Night Parade

Praised highly as one of the amusement events around the world most worth watching by Lonely Planet and other travel leaders, the Chinese New Year Night Parade is held in Hong Kong annually. It is a carnival-like event featuring themed floats, local performance groups, and marching bands that put on fantastic shows along the parade route. Of course, there will also be traditional lion and dragon dances.

New Year Fireworks Display

New Year Fireworks Display

The Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks Display has been held since 1982 at Victoria Harbor. It is held in the evening of the second day of the holiday. Watching hundreds of thousands of fireworks exploding in the sky above Victoria Harbor and celebrating the New Year with over 400,000 people is a truly impressive experience.

New Year Flower Market

New Year Flower Market

Strolling through the flower markets after a New Year's Eve dinner with friends and family is one of the must-dos on a Hong Kong Chinese New Year activity list. In total, 14 open air flower markets are held from the 25th day of the 12th month of the Chinese lunar calendar to the eve of Chinese New Year, lasting for 6 days in total. Among them, those held at Victoria Park and Fa Hui Park are the largest in scale and the most festive. You should not miss visiting a flower market visit during a Chinese New Year holiday.

Chinese New Year Horse Racing

Chinese New Year Horse Racing

Chinese New Year horse racing & betting is one of the most distinctive activities of Hong Kong. The locals believe that good fortune starts with a bet on their favorite horse at the racecourse. This event is held on the 3rd day of the 1st month of the Chinese calendar at the Sha Tin racecourse. As the first horserace of the year in Hong Kong, it sets the stage for many personal omens of luck for the upcoming year. Traditional Chinese folk performances are also on show throughout the races.

Top Hong Kong Attractions

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the highest physical feature on Hong Kong Island, the island directly south of "mainland" Hong Kong (i.e.Kowloon Peninsula). Hong Kong Island is separated from Kowloon Peninsula by Victoria Channel. Though not Hong Kong's highest peak (that distinction belongs to Tai Mo Shan (Mount Tai Mo)), Victoria Peak has become Hong Kong's landmark, if not its trademark attraction. The panoramic views of the city from atop Victoria Peak are unrivaled. Whether you choose to ascend by the steep funicular train or walk up, you will feel as if you can almost reach out and touch the staggeringly tall skyscrapers! » Read More

Aberdeen Bay


Aberdeen Bay maintains the characteristics of a traditional fishing village from the 1800s. The village is still the home for hundreds of fishermen and locals. Fishing boats ranging from traditional Chinese sailing boats to luxuriously furnished modern ships fill the bay. Tours of the bay by sampan are available. Many local and foreign visitors come here only for the seafood, which is authentic and tasty and world renowned. A unique aspect of a seafood meal in Aberdeen Bay is that you are able to browse hundreds of tanks with fresh fish and other sea creatures, then choose which you would like to dine on. It is the ultimate in freshness. » Read More


Victoria Harbor

Victoria harbor

Victoria Harbor is the main harbor of Hong Kong that separates Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. On both sides of the harbor, you will find some of the most iconic structures and skyscrapers that create the city’s skyline. Here, the blue sky, clean sea, fantastic mountains, and charming natural and urban scenes combine harmoniously day and night. Victoria Harbor is wide and the water is deep. Its waters cover 59 square kilometers (23 square meters) on the whole and its width ranges from 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) to 9.5 kilometers (6 miles), so large that ships can pass through or anchor. » Read More

Disneyland Park

hong-kong disneyland park

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island, surrounded by mountains on 3 sides and faces the South China Sea. It is also the first Disney property in China. On entering the park, visitors are captured and enchanted by the feeling of being in another world with lots of excitement and adventures. » Read More

Ocean Park

ocean park

Hong Kong Ocean Park theme park is has 2 sections in the highlands of Mount Nanlang. The smaller section is in the Huang Zhu Keng Valley lowlands. With an area of 17 hectares (1700 acres), it is one of the largest ocean and aquatic parks in the world. The 2 entrances to Ocean Park (Tai Shue Wan Entrance and the Main Entrance) are connected by a breathtaking cable car journey. » Read More

Lantau Island

lantau island

Lantau Mountain is tall on its southwest side and low on the northeast flank. Its main peak, Phoenix Peak, has an altitude of 935 meters (3068 feet), which is the 2nd highest peak in Hong Kong. Ever since the 70's, countless Hong Kong residents have enjoyed visiting Lantau Island to play and rest on weekends and holidays. As a result, the traditional village Tai O has been very busy and prosperous. » Read More

Go on Shopping Spree in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong KongHong Kong is perhaps the best place in the world for shopping due to the reasonable prices, various brands, all categories of goods, and great service. In Hong Kong, shopping is not only the act of buying things, but a form of recreation, a way of life. Visitors can be content window shopping, enjoying the bustling environment, and experiencing the fashion tide. Generally speaking, the top 3 buys are clothes, cosmetics, and electrical appliances. The principle and most popular shopping areas are Central and Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island and Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. Budget shopping options can be found in Temple Street Market, Tung Chois Market, and Stanley Market

Popular Hong Kong Food & Restaurants

Hong Kong, as the crossroads of eastern and western cultures due to its British occupation, has developed a blend of eating habits incorporating Chinese, notably Cantonese, and western cuisines. The international city has acquired a reputation of being an "eating paradise." As a place where the world meets, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indian restaurants are also very common.

Cantonese food

Canton food

Cantonese food is regarded as the representative food for Hong Kong as Cantonese people make up the majority of the local population. Over 70% of Chinese restaurants here specialize in serving Cantonese food. At the same time, Hong Kong's Cantonese food has formed a style of its own, applying cooking skills from all over the world especially British influences. » Read More

Recommended Restaurants:

Local Desserts

Local Desserts

Hong Kong has a variety of desserts with many focused on various pastes such as sesame paste, sago paste, and walnut paste. Specific pastries include harsmar cake, egg tart, fried milk, layer cake, Malaysian steamed cake, and different Hong Kong steamed breads with scallions and meats stuffed inside. Popular desserts include mango pudding, milk custard, bean curd jelly, and fresh seasonal fruit platters. » Read More

Recommended Restaurants:

Other Asian Food

Other Asian Food

Hong Kong is a hub for Japanese, South Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Philippine, and other kinds of Asian cuisines. Among them, Japanese food is delicate, has a fine appearance, and it is famous for its fresh sashimi, rice and vegetable roll, tappasaki, sushi, and rice wine. Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines typically involve curry, vanilla, and coconut milk as their major ingredients. » Read More

Recommended Restaurants:

Western Food

Western food

As an international metropolis, Hong Kong has a large number of foreign residents. Western food style restaurants have a long history in Hong Kong. Many hotels have high class kitchens and foreign cooks well serviced to serve authentic western food. The typical styles are French food, Italian food, Swiss food, British food, Spanish food, and American food. » Read More

Recommended Restaurants:

Beijing Travel

Beijing, the capital of China, is an example combination of tradition and modern prosperity. The Temple Fair is one of the most important celebration venues during the Chinese New Year in Beijing. Many other activities are also held such as Spring Festival carnivals, Peking Opera, acrobatics shows, and tea culture displays. Visitors can easily get into the spirit of Chinese New Year when the whole city is in a festive mood during this season. » Read More

Top Beijing Attractions

Forbidden City

Beijing Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is the best preserved imperial palace complex in China and the largest ancient palatial structure in the world. The splendid architectures found within the Forbidden City represent the essence and culmination of traditional Chinese architectural accomplishment. » Read More

Beijing Hutongs

Beijing Hutongs For Chinese New Year

Beijing Hutongs have a very special and important position in the rich history and culture of Beijing. They are the most popular place for tourists to get a Chinese New Year experience, where visitors can get together and have celebrative parties with Beijing locals. » Read More

The Bird's Nest

Beijing Olympic Stadium

During the Chinese New Year, the Bird's Nest serves as the venue for countless celebrations. For example during the 2010 festivities, the Bird's Nest Snow Festival was held in the stadium where visitors were able to experience the fun of skiing in an artificial ice world. »Read More

Top Chinese New Year Celebrations

Beijing Temple Fairs

Beijing Temple Fairs

In traditional temple fairs around Beijing, there are performances and booths demonstrating and selling traditional arts and crafts. The fairs have lots of games, food, and shows and are frequented by visitors from all over the world.

Popular Beijing Restaurants

Beijing RestaurantsBeijing food and Northern Chinese food are collections of varieties of cuisines from Hebei, Shangdong, the Lower Yangzi River, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang regions. Methods of cooking include barbecuing, deep-boiling, roasting, smoking, and braising. Local products, such as garlic, ginger, leeks, pork, spring onions, bean sauce, different spices, chilies, and vegetables (particularly the Northern white cabbage,) together with duck, pork, chicken, seafood, beef, and lamb are used to make many varieties of gourmet dishes. To taste these dishes, the following are some of the best restaurants.

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