Panda' s Growth Process

Newborn Panda

solitary panda

The newborn panda is so tiny about the size of a standard hotdog. The average weight is 100g (0.2 pounds), about two eggs weight and only 1/900 of their mother’s weight.They are born helplessly blind (its eyes are "sealed") and toothless with only a very light "down" of fine white hair that cannot conceal its tiny, fragile and pink-skinned body.

The infant panda is so small that the mother has to cradle it carefully in a paw, remaining loyally with her baby for several days as it suckles, without leaving the den even for water, much less for food.

The newborn panda infant makes great demands on its mother the next several weeks, as it must be nursed a dozen or so times in a 24-hour cycle, and from 15-30 minutes at a time. Since the giant panda infant is helpless (it cannot grip firmly enough to hold onto mother's fur, most of its energy goes toward suckling, and its bones are too soft to support it), mother panda cannot take the infant with her when she feeds, therefore she must leave it in the den for up to 4 hours at a time, where it is vulnerable to predators.

Baby Pandas are born in July and August. If you want to see baby panda, you should visit them during August to December as their growing process gets very fast after 6 months old.

About 10 Days Old

Their black hairs start to grow on their ears, shoulders, legs, chests and around their eyes. They like to put themself up with their forelimbs.

About 1 Month Old

Their black hairs are denser and white hairs also grow for a while. About 1 month old, baby cub has developed into its distictive black and white look that is a mini version of the final color pattern that will characterize the adult panda (the color markings of every panda are unique, even if the dark patches always occur in certain given areas). But they are still small, just about 2 kilograms.

About 2 Months Old

The giant panda infant will first open its eyes after a period of six to eight weeks and start to grow teeth.

About 3 to 4 Month Old

solitary panda

It takes an additional six to eight weeks (at about three to four months of age) before cubs begin to crawl. They can walk for about one meter, but staggering and sometimes falling over. They like crawl on the back of their mother. If they fall down, they will quickly crawl on mother’s back again. Their weight reaches at 6 kilograms.

As the panda cub grows, it suckles less frequently and for shorter periods, but at this stage, the panda cub can also suckle much more efficiently. From the moment the cub begins to crawl until it can walk, albeit, gingerly at first, is a very short span. Soon after the cub takes its first tentative steps, mother panda will begin to play with it, rolling it over and gently wrestling with it, both of which activities help the cub to develop its musculature and its reflexes, strengthening the agility that the cub will need in order to accompany mother on trips to the "kitchen", and of course, in order to climb, which will be the young cub's main activity on its first several trips to the "kitchen".

About 6 Months

They still need to suckle but begin to take some solid food, like bamboo already. After 6 months, their growing process runs faster.  

About 1 Years Old

solitary panda

The cub will eventually spend more and more time eating bamboo alongside its mother. At the age of one, a normal panda cub will weigh a healthy 45 kilograms (ca.100 lbs), with males weighing slightly more than females, and this gender spread only intensifies thereafter, with fully adult males weighing up to 15% more than females.

Want to Visit BABY Pandas?

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Pandas are born in July and August. From August to December, you have a chance to see baby pandas. Pandas’ growing process gets very fast after 6 months old. But when you get there, whether you can see baby pandas or not, it totally depends on pandas’ situation that day. Don’t worry if you have no chance to see babies. You can always see adorable giant pandas there all year round. And there are about 50 giant pandas in Panda Breeding and Research Center.

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