F China Visa

"F character" visa is issued to those who visit China to study, make inspection, give lecture, do business, launch science and technology and cultural exchanges or to get short-term training, staff training and other activities for not more than six months.

Documents to be offered

A. The period of validity gets up above 6 months (from the delivering day of application), providing the original passport with blank visa page;

B. One copy of "Visa Application Form", enclosed with a recent photo of 2×2 inches (white-and-black photo and color photo are both OK, pasted onto the application form);

C. To have the invitation letter from Chinese organization or American company's application form for visa (the original copy, copy one or the telegram copy are all acceptable);

D. Those that were born in China and joined other nationalities afterwards should show their original copy of Chinese passport or the copy of the passport at the first time of applying for a visa.

One of the following requirements should be met to apply for several times of visiting the family or traveling within half a year or one year

A. To show the invitation of the Chinese authorized organization;

B. To offer the certificates of investing in China or the certificates of cooperating with China, such as business passport, contract, offers etc.;

C. To offer the visa application by Chinese company or American local company illustrating that you are supposed to come to China frequently to have economic and trade activities;

D. The people that have the visa of F-character more than twice to China or have F-character visa for many times and offer the copy of the original visa.


A. The people who meet one of the conditions among A, B and D can apply many times of commercial visa within two years.

B. You are required to fill in the application form honestly and completely. If you fill it dishonestly or miss some contents or with unclear handwriting, your application may possibly be refused to sign and your traveling may be delayed.

The validity period and the period for staying of visa

The validity period of visa for the first and second time of entering China is usually 3 or 6 months, the period of visa for staying is 30 days under general situation (counting from the first day of entering China). When applying for a visa, the visa government officials can add some days to the period for staying following the actual requirement and the need of the applicants.

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