D China Visa

D visa is issued to people who come to settle down in China.

The following credentials are indispensable:

A. Attestation of settling down. The applicants can entrust the relatives in China to apply for it in the section responsible for entering or leaving China at the local Ministry of Public Security of the settlement city;

B. The period of validity gets up above 6 months (from the delivering day of application), providing the original passport with blank visa page;

C. One copy of "Visa Application Form", enclosed with a recent photo of 2×2 inches (white-and-black photo and color photo are both OK, pasted on the application form).

Tips: You are required to fill in the application form honestly and completely; if you fill it dishonestly or miss some contents or with unclear handwriting, your application may possibly be refused to sign and your traveling may be delayed.

The validity period and the period for staying of visa

Settlement visa (D-visa) has a valid period of 6 months for only once. The D-visa holders must enter China within the validity period of 6 months and go to the local Ministry of Public Security to transact the procedure for staying within 30 days from the day of entering into China to draw the staying certificate.

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