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China Minority Discovery Tours

Costumes, customs, languages and cultures, almost every aspect of the 55 minorities in China is highlights. Normally, minorities’ residences are located on mountains or forests. Most of them had been almost isolated from the outside world for thousands of years. Now, they are open to tourists from all over the world. In our minority discovery tour packages, tourists can see the essence of minorities, wear minorities’ costumes and take photos, learn minorities’ languages, and they can even live as a minority people for one day or two. Please feel free to Contact us your ideas.

Top Tours by Handpick


4 Day Guilin and Sanjiang Minority Tour

Highlights: Setting off from Guilin, you will get close to the exotic lifestyles of Yao people in Longsheng and Dong people in Sanjiang.

Li River Cruise, Longsheng's Longji Rice Terrace Fields, Dong people's village

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8 Days Discover Shangri-la Tour

Highlights: Another side of China that is original, peaceful and colorful, all in Yunnan

Explore ethnic minorities' culture and life, Walk along Tiger Leaping Gorge, Authentic Yunnan cuisine

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8 Days Autumn Kanas Tour

Highlights: Walking into the golden days in Xinjiang, visit Heavenly Lake and local vineyard.

Kanas Lake Natural Reserve Area, Tuwa Mongolian Tribe, Gaochang Ruins

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China Minority Customs Experience Tours


9-Day Exotic Yunnan and Guizhou Tour

Peek into different minority people's world as we take you to some of China's most remote places.


8 Days Mt.Everest Tour

Take an adventure to Mt.Everest from Lhasa, this is going to be the trip of a life-time!


8 Days Memories of Xinjiang Tour

China's remote northwest is mysterious. These 8 days will allow you to explore Xingjiang and unlock the mysteries.


6-day Wild Yunnan Tour

Remote places in Yunnan, Xishuangbanna's highlights including Wild Elephant Valley and Tropical Botanical Garden.

More Deep Experience

Lijiang and Magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour

4-day Lijiang and Magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour


Lijiang is one of those quaint villages you should not miss. You can also spend a few hours admiring the Tiger Leaping Gorge that sits close to it.

Price from: $609 p/p
great wall

4-day Essence of Lhasa Tour


You will get a glance at Tibet's inner beauty: devoted believers and their temples and monasteries, simple and peaceful life.

Price from: $679 p/p
Memories of Kunming Tour

3-day Memories of Kunming Tour


Kunming is at the heart of one of the most ethnically diverse parts of China. This ‘garden city’, also known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’, has a lot to offer.

Price from: $359 p/p

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