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Great Wall Trips - different way to experiences it

Travel to Beijing would not be complete without a tour of the Great Wall.

The wall has sometimes been described as ‘the greatest human feat’ ever. It was a project of ancient China for military defense, forming the longest fortification ever built anywhere in the world.

The Great Wall firmly as an icon of China, meandering like a dragon through changing topography, and illustrating the great genius and strong will of the Chinese people.

Best Sections of the Great Wall

1. The Mutianyu Great Wall, rebuilt with smooth and even steps, is very well restored, the most child-friendly section of the Wall. The cableway and slipway here will make your journey up and down more exciting and less laborious. Other well-restored and relaxing sections are Huangyaguan Pass, Huanghuacheng, and Juyongguan Pass.

2. Badaling Great Wall is the best-preserved and most-visited section. It is easily accessible from downtown Beijing and is the most popular part, always packed with tourists.

3. Jinshanling Great Wall is half-restored and half-wild. With its pristine and majestic appearance, this section is favored by hikers; mainly because of a popular route from Jingshanling to Simatai, requiring the crossing of 30 guard towers and dangerous cliffs.

4. Simatai Great Wall, the only section of the Wall open for night tours, is said to be the wonderful Wall in miniature, because it is the most precipitous part. This 5-kilometer-long segment sometimes rises to the crests of mountains, and sometimes descends into deep valleys. Hikers and adventurers will never be disappointed by this place.

5. Two wild segments of the Great Wall, Jiankou and Gubeikou, are completely untouched by repairs, and retain their natural beauty. They are the most dangerous and challenging sections of the Wall for world hikers.

Best Time to Visit the Great Wall

The best seasons to visit the Great Wall of China should be spring (April to May) or autumn (September to October). But since the scenery varies with the season, you can also visit the Wall at any other time, if it suits your schedule better.

Spring: abundant flowers bloom, displaying a lively vista to visitors.

Summer: lush and green trees.

Autumn: various leaves turning red, gold, yellow and brown, decorating the Wall with color.

Winter: a truly majestic Great Wall, winding along the unending ranges of snow-clad mountains.

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Great Wall Hiking Experience Trips

Mini group (no more than 6 people) Great Wall trips for 4-5 hour daily hike on the Great Wall, designed for travelers in good shape who are interested in feeling and touching the Great Wall as a kind of unique experience.

Great Wall Seat-in-coach Trips for Sightseeing

1-2 hour walk on the Great Wall, suitable for sightseeing tourists who only want to have a glimpse of the Wall and take some pictures, often coupled with other sights on a day trip.

shanghai bund

1 day|Seat-in-coach Tour

Graceful Great Wall at Mutianyu

Hiking and camping on the Great Wall. Enjoy sports and the stars above the Huanghuacheng Great Wall section

from $55

2 days| 6 people mini group trip

Beijing Boutique Small Group Tour

This tour will take you beyond the scope of the guidebooks to the authentic Beijing for 2 days.

from $237

The Great Wall Deep Hiking Experience

2 - 4 days hiking along the different sections of the Great Wall. Admire the magnificence of the Great Wall and learn about its history and vicissitudes

Tenmple of Heaven

5 days/ 4 nights| Private trip

Great Wall Hiking Exploration

5-day experiencing the sublime of the Great Wall in 4 different sections: Mutianyu, Jinshanling, Gubeikou and Huangyaguan.

from $699

7 days / 6 nights | Private trip

Great Wall In-Depth Hiking

Designed for professional adventurers, one-week to hike the Great Wall at its different sections.

from $1,489

Beijing Trips with the Great Wall

4 days/3 nights | Private tour

Walk Into Beijing Tour

Fully explore the glorious history and culture of Beijing and experience the real life of Beijingers.

from $489

Beijing hutong

2 days/1 night | Private tour

Beijing Culture Discovery Tour

This two days Beijing culture discover tour will let you experience of most standing-out highlights of Beijing.

from $299

Customers Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose the sections of the Great Wall?

Section Features Facilities Driving hours from Beijing Activities Recommended tour time Fit for
Mutianyu fully-restored, child-friendly cable cars up/down and option of tobogganing down tobogganing down, hiking, sightseeing half-day to a day family tour
Jinshanling restored and wild, most popular section for hiking, quiet with amazing vistas cable cars hiking, photography a day ordinary   visitors
Simatai steep and wild cable cars ; battery carts; zip-line; boats 2 hiking, photography, zip-line to Simatai’s West; boats on the reservoir up to the East Tower a day ordinary    hikers
Jiankou really steep, with mountain ridges in the shape of a "W" none hiking, photography a day strong and adventurous hikers/ photographers
Huanghuacheng mostly restored, some in water boats camping, boating, hiking a day to two days ordinary hikers, family tour
Gubeikou a historical battle field, completely unrepaired none 2 hiking, photography a day ordinary hikers and photography lovers
Juyong Pass fully restored, fabulous vistas and stone carvings some wheelchair access hiking 2 hours all visitors (wheelchair-
Huangya Pass mostly restored, marathon site sightseeing
3 marathon, sightseeing buses to the mountain top a day all visitors
Badaling the most famous cable cars; Great Wall Museum; circular-screen cinema hiking half-day to a day all visitors (wheelchair-
2. How to Get to the Great Wall from Beijing?


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