China Map

Maps play an important role for your travel. In order to provide our customers with an excellent experience, we designed some easily-understand maps, which show you the locations of attractions or transportation in hot tourist destinations. Furthermore, we have maps of ancient Chinese dynasties. You can learn some history before traveling to China.

China Tourist Maps

China is very big and there are countless places of interest in China. You must have known the most popular tourist attractions in China, but you may not know where they are located. Have a look at our tourist maps to learn the exact locations of these attractions.

Ancient China Maps

The map of China looks like a rooster now, but did you know what it looked like thousands of years ago? Check out the maps of different dynasties to see the growth of the Rooster.

Neolithic Age Map

Neolithic Age (10,000 years ago-2000 BC)

Shang Dynasty Map

Shang Dynasty (BC 1600-BC 1046)

Western Zhou Dynasty Map

Western Zhou Dynasty (BC 1046-BC 771)

Eastern Zhou Dynasty Map

Eastern Zhou Dynasty (BC 771-BC 256)

Warring States Period Map

Warring States Period (BC 475-BC 221)

Han Dynasty Map

Han Dynasty (BC 202- AD 220)

Sui Dynasty Map

Sui Dynasty (AD 581-AD 618)

Tang Dynasty Map

Tang Dynasty (AD 618-AD 907)

Five Dynasties Map

Five Dynasties (AD 907 - AD 960)

Northern Song Dynasty Map

Northern Song Dynasty Map (AD 960 - AD 1127)

Southern Song Dynasty Map

Southern Song Dynasty (AD 1127 - AD 1279)

Yuan Dynasty Map

Yuan Dynasty (AD 1271 - AD 1368)

Ming Dynasty Map

Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 - AD 1644)

Qing Dynasty Map

Qing Dynasty (AD 1644 - AD 1912)

China City Maps

There are several maps in each of hot tourist cities in China. They might be helpful for you to plan your China trip. Just click each city to see details.

Beijing Map

Beijing Maps

Shanghai Maps

Shanghai Maps

Guilin Maps

Guilin Maps

Xian Maps

Xian Maps

Chengdu Maps

Chengdu Maps

Lhasa Maps

Lhasa Maps

China Province Maps

Sichuan Map

Sichuan Maps

Tibet Maps

Tibet Maps

Xinjiang Maps

Xinjiang Maps

Guangxi Maps

Guangxi Maps