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Chengdu Travel Guide

Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province. It is located between a high plateau region to the northwest dotted with mountains and a central region that is characterized by gentle hills and lush valleys.

Known as the “Land of Abundance”, Chengdu features a variety of historic sites- Jinli Street, Wide and Narrow Alleys, Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, fabulous natural beauty- Mt. Qingcheng and Xiling Snow Maintain, and the living national treasure of China- giant pandas. Besides, Chengdu is also a “City of Gastronomy” recognized by UNESCO and the home of the famous Sichuan Cuisine. A 144-hour transit visa makes Chengdu panda and food tour easier.

Chengdu Travel Ideas

Chengdu Food

As the province of Heaven's Home, Chengdu gathers the essence of various local snacks. And as the city of migration, it also collects all favors throughout the whole country. Chengdu food plays an important role in Chinese treasury of cooking techniques. Chengdu cates have a long history with vario

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Chengdu Attractions

Chengdu itself doesn't offer many traditional historic or cultural sights of appeal to the tourist. However, the city is not only a regional hub for production and trade - as well as being a regional railway and air-traffic hub - it is also at the center of a number of nearby regional tourist attra

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Chengdu Transport

Chengdu Transport As a transport hub in southwest area of China and the main access city to Tibet, Chengdu is easily approached thanks to its air routes and railways extending nationwide. The city buses and metros continue to develop, providing locals and tourists with great convenience. Getting to

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Chengdu Weather

Overview Chengdu enjoys subtropical monsoon climate, with the annual average temperature of 16.2 ℃.The annual extreme lowest temperature is -5.9 ℃ and the annual extreme highest temperature is 37.3 ℃. Chengdu has mild weather condition, four distinct seasons and abundant rainfall. July and August

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